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Mary Jo Hamrick

Author Portfolio

Award-winning journalist, photographer and novelist.

Old Typewriter

 Middle Grade Books

Six adventure novel series featuring gutsy tweens and their canine side kicks. Scroll or click on the middle grade menu above to explore each series.

The Watching Wilhelmina Series

The adventures of 12-year-old Wilhelmina O'Meara and her service dog Daisy.


Watching Wilhelmina Book 1: Discovering Daisy.

Tweens discover a rebellious dog's superpower and attempt to transform her into a service dog.


The Francesca the Fabulous Series

Ivy Donovan and her standard poodle Francesca solve mysteries in the state park.


Francesca the Fabulous Book 1: The Mystery of Fatima's Fugue.

When a lost poodle leads 12-year-old Ivy Donovan and her friends into a mysterious land, they must risk it all to save both the dog and her owner from the evil force that resides there.

War Dog: The Series

Join the adventures of 12-year-old Harmeet, her military dog Zuri, and her magnificent golden horse Auriel as they fight to regain their country.

Book 1: Under Fire: When Harmeet's country is attacked, she and her new canine friend search for the man responsible and vow to stop him.

Rosie to the Rescue Series


Set in the lowlands of rural South Carolina among the longleaf pine forests and cypress swamps, this series follows the summer camp adventures of 12-year-old Tallulah and her Carolina dog Rosie.




Book 1: A Carolina Dog Story: When 12-year-old Tallulah gets lost in the woods she must figure out how she and her

newfound friends will survive.




Book 2: Rainbow Meadow: Fiona's Story: When Shetland Sheepdog Fiona's family brings home a new puppy, she fears they no longer want her, so she sets out on an adventure to find her older sister who mysteriously disappeared a year ago.

Wolf Dog Series

The adventures of Mika and her Wolfdog Nahla.

Wolf Dog: Saving Nahla. Book 1

After a stray dog saves her life, Nahla finds herself in a fight to save the misunderstood dog.


Tiger Dog Series

The adventures of Aimi and her Kai Ken Tora.



Tiger Dog: Rescuing Tora Book 1:

A puppy with a mysterious illness links Aimi to her past and her future.

Tiger Dog: Return to Japan Book 2:

Aimi and Tora go to Japan in search of family.

Meet Daisy

The Shetland Sheepdog who inspired the Watching Wilhelmina series.

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Picture Books


Backyard Photo Booth Picture Book Series



When you set up a photo booth in your backyard and your backyard is a state park, you never know who might show up for a photo session. Join 12-year-old Ivy Donovan and her standard poodle Francesca as they take photos of the park wildlife. Each book features a different animal. 




Thank you for visiting my official author portfolio. Novels are unpublished and seeking representation. Please contact me by e-mail to find out more about my work.

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